- December 9, 2020

Privacy Policy

It is advised for readers to read and understand all the information listed in this privacy policy as well as the terms and conditions before submitting any information or checking out our posts. This page aims to inform users on how this site collects, manages and stores all the information provided by users.

Users should understand that all the *information collected in this site will be stored privately. By continuing to use this site, players are complying with the use of cookie, this cookie will collect certain information from users to ensure a smooth run in the structure of the site. The information collected by this site will help recommend users with the relevant content, this will make users’ browsing easier.

It will be our utmost priority to protect all information collected with utmost privacy. No third party would be able to access all the information that’s provided in this site.

*information in this context includes users’ IP addresses, emails, browsing history, browsing preferences, phone numbers and addresses.

This site reserves all rights to alter the privacy policy at any given time without prior notice. Users are advised to come back to this page once in a while to recheck the privacy policy.