- December 9, 2020

Check Out These Online Slots with High RTP Rates

Try out online gambling real money with slots

Online slots are a popular one in because they allow you to play them anywhere depending on the choices. They are very basic games where you have to spin the reels and match up the symbols similar to real life slots. Moreover, they come with additional features and there are some slots that enable you to play games with more than three reels. Most online slots offer huge jackpots after making your amount. Playing online slots is a straight forward process even if you’re a new player.

As a casino player, you need to learn more about the gambling practices followed in online slots. You should consider playing real money slots that have high payouts. Furthermore, you need to evaluate the RTP (return to player) before playing online slots. RTP is a percentage of rewards you can expect to win in online slots. In fact, it measures profitability in online gambling real moneydepending on the regulations of slots. Before playing online slots, you should know how to calculate RTP in detail that can help make the right decision.

Here are 3 online slots you can choose that offer high RTP rates.

Bloodsuckers Online Slot

Bloodsuckers Slot with an RTP of 98%

Bloodsuckers slot is a mobile version s that allows you to play slots on Android and iPhone devices. It is a NetEnt powered video slot which has 5 reels and 25 paylines. The slot also features free spin enabling you to start playing with 10 free spins. Another thing is that it gives ways to get high RTP of 98% allowing you to ensure more profits. With free spins, you can even try a chance to win a jackpot. The slot comes with vamping theme and covers interesting symbols for activation purposes. You can use the slot for playing 20 to 100 spins without any deposits.

Poker Cards

Wolf Gold Slot with an RTP of 96%

Wolf Gold slot is similar to Bloodsuckers slot that allows you to get a RTP of 96%. It features two bonus features with landscape and moon symbols. The slot from Pragmatic Play software lets you get 3 different types of jackpot prizes. Wolf is a wild symbol that is available with 3X multiplier enabling you to win high payouts. It is possible for you to bet up to 10 coins on each payline that will determine the corresponding jackpots

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