- February 9, 2020

This is how you become a professional casino player

What exactly is a professional casino player ? A professional casino player is a person who lives from gambling and spends most of his time in the online casino or in “real” casinos. Professional casino players actually earn their paychecks by making the right bets when playing at the live casino tables. In this article, I’m going to go over some general misunderstandings about casino gaming as well as some real-world examples collected from several friends of mine, the professional Advantage playersare. We won’t give real names or when these “events” took place, but be sure this is about as truthful as a description of what the game is like in the real world.

The lifestyle of casino players has been portrayed as glamorous by Hollywood, and even more so through commercials for casinos. Men are always well dressed and women in their most elegant clothes and, both seem to be having a good time. You win money, eat in 5-star restaurants and drink the best champagne. All of this is done to lure ordinary people into the casinos and to play. The reality of the casino game world is very different.

The first thing a player has to do is forget everything he has ever seen or read in the movies that reflects the life of a professional casino player. Films such as the blockbuster hit “21” and the book “Bringing Down the House” by Ben Mezrich, from which he comes, are for entertainment purposes only. Any relationship to the current situation is far away. The life of every person who has had success in any area is characterized by ups and downs. For some reason, the authors of the casino stories take a lot of artistic freedom, especially those who have never participated in an Advantage game .

When you start the first stage of the Advantage game, card counting , you start to notice blackjack players everywhere. On the night shift in a Las Vegas casino you will find a card counter at at least one of their tables. These people have different skills. Some are strict basic blackjack strategy Players with a minimal betting range, while others use all customized strategy games and have an aggressive betting range. In addition, some use the basic Hi-Lo counting method, while others use the more advanced counting systems. The main thing is that there are several ways to tackle casino games, and especially blackjack, and the more complex the system, the less likely the method will be discovered.

There are many legends surrounding professional casino players. Most have a tiny part of the truth, but some are undoubtedly embellished. Such a story revolves around a new player named el Gordito . During his days of infinite card counting, Gordito was stopped for speeding on the way back from the Las Vegas weekend getaway to Southern California. He told the female CHP (California Highway Patrol) officer that he was in a hurry to get home to tell his wife about a big win at the blackjack tables. He has revealed that he is a “semi-professional” blackjack player.

The story continues that the officer asked him questions, e.g. B. whether it was correct to split a pair of 2s if doubling is allowed after the split or not. He claims that he took out a deck of cards and, while holding the flashlight, played a few hands on the hood of his car. The place where he plays cards on the hood of his car, which is lit by a flashlight, seems a little exaggerated, but I know a few people who know el Gordito very well and they think he is in the Was able to bypass the ticket.

Gambling is attractive because it is easy to play and most people enjoy the games. Games can only be played for fun and with minimal losses; but the vast majority of players don’t win.

Sometimes when players don’t get good results, they question their skills. The reality is that Advantage Game is a bleak business if you have a losing streak. You start speculating about everything. However, if you’re on the positive side of the spectrum, it’s like taking candy from a baby who hates candy. The hard truth is that the mentality of the professional Advantage player at the casino is that of an insane depressive. Most beginners and newbies are emotionally either very strong or very weak. Only most elite professionals can limit their emotional state to such an extent that it does not affect other aspects of their lives.

The blackjack legends refer to a card counter’s financial journey through good and bad times as a random walk with an upward drift. This definition really only applies to shoe games with multiple decks of cards and does not take into account the ups and downs of online blackjack or table blackjack with one deck of cards. Too often playing with a single deck of cards is like a sweaty, catastrophic journey through heaven and hell. The fluctuations are extraordinarily dramatic and exceed the limits of your own reason. Overall, the casinos offer you a good chance of winning, and that’s all an Advantage player can hope for.

The literature on the Advantage game is packed with methods and statistical formulas. Most of it is provided by professional gamers playing at black chip level or by academic game scientists. So the information they share is pretty solid. To be fair, some of some authors’ claims are pretty absurd, so be careful what you want to believe. Another remark is that the best methods are usually only shared with a few other top players in the top ranks of this elite field.

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